Social Media & Amateur Radio

At February’s meeting, we discussed the possibility of introducing new social media platforms which LEARC could use. We explored all the major social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube and many more, outlining the main advantages and disadvantages of each site to amateur radio operators

In the meeting, we also discussed how some websites, such as DX Summit & WebSDR can be used when operating to give you an edge in contesting, or to see if your signal is getting out to others across the globe – and how both of these can be easily achieved on a low-cost shack computer, using a Raspberry Pi (Latest version is 4 at time of writing)
More info on the raspberry pi can be found by clicking here.

It was suggested at the meeting to have an online form, which members could fill out freely and easily to give their opinion on how LEARC should use social media to grow our club’s reach, in the hope to gain some more members, and attract a wider audience to our annual rally. All the club members should have received an email containing the link for them to fill out, if not, contact Nathan and he will happily send you a link.

The presentation from the meeting was deemed useful to other members of the club, so a PDF version has been uploaded to this article.

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