GB2MAC 2018

On 9th and 10th June the Club activated GB2MAC at the Marble Arch caves for International Geoparks weekend.  We used the new Comet H422 antenna for the first time and operated from noon on Saturday until 4.00 pm on Sunday.  There was a good turnout of members on both days to assist with the installation and participate in operating the station.

Results were variable with most contacts made on the 20 metre band.  In total 36 QSOs were made with 15 in digital mode and 21 on phone. While the majority of contacts were with Europe we had 4 contacts with the USA, 2 with Brazil and one each with Ceuta in North Africa, Asiatic Russia and Uruguay. A total of 15 cards have been sent out to 13 different countries.

Special thanks to William for bringing up the caravan and to Herbie and Brian for their work on the antenna.

Below are some photos of the caravan and the setup on the 10th of June:

Pictured above are Alan Gault (GI6PYP) and David Calderwood (GI4VHO)

Report by: David, GI4VHO