YOTA 2018 Report

On my recent trip to South Africa for Youngsters on the Air 2018, we explored many different aspects to amateur radio, and how to encourage more young people to get involved in the hobby. We completed many different activities, some which were to strengthen our knowledge of the hobby, and the rest were activities we could take home and teach to more people, in a hope to encourage them and grow the hobby.

I have written the RSGB blog posts on their website which can be found here by scrolling to the ‘Latest News’ section at the bottom of the page and selecting a day to read. They give an in-depth look at what activities we completed each day, and what we enjoyed about each of them.

I approached the IRTS EI news, with the help of David, and I was asked to write an article which they could include in their Autumn edition of the newsletter. That edition was recently published, with my article included. I have included a link to my article in the EI News here, and the full newsletter can be found under the Newsletter Menu on this website, or by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experience in South Africa, if you have any questions, please get in touch and I will answer them ASAP.

YOTA 2018 Article

Nathan Prentice, MI0NPR

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